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Children Therapeutic Services and Support (CTSS)

Children Therapeutic Services and Support (CTSS)

Progressive Individual Resources Inc. (PIRI) is a nonprofit social and behavioral health organization. We are certified by the Minnesota State Department of Human Services, Children’s Mental Health Division, to provide Children Therapeutic Services and Support (CTSS) to families or caregivers of children and youth with severe emotional disturbances or behavioral challenges. We pride ourselves in providing culturally-appropriate services to our clients.


Children Therapeutic Services and Support

Progressive Individual Resources Inc.’s (PIR I) Children Therapeutic Services and Support (CTSS) is designed to maintain and allow the children and the family to remain in their present home, school and their community. Our CTSS services include:

  • Individual, family and group psychotherapy.
  • Individual, family or group skills training.
  • Crisis assistance.
  • Behavioral health management.
  • Mental health behavioral aide.


Program Goals

Our program goals include but are not limited to:

  • Stabilize the child and the family
  • Improve the functioning level of the child and the family
  • Reduce threat to self and others
  • Reduce the risk of psychiatric hospitalizations
  • Reduce residential placement
  • Reduce environmental stressors for the child and the family
  • Teach the skills necessary for the child to establish and access community support necessary for successful transition to adulthood.


Services and Supports PIR Inc . offer

The services we offer to children, youth and families include the following:

  • Life skills training: Individual, family or group skills training designed to improve the basic functioning of daily living and the activities in their daily, community, and social environments.
  • Psychotherapy: Face-to-face treatment of mental health issues through the psychological, psychiatric,or interpersonal methods directed to accomplish measurable goals.
  • Behavioral Management Services: Designed to improve the functioning level of the child and support the family in daily activities of community living by replacing maladaptive behavior with appropriate living, social, and recreational skills.
  • Crisis Assistance Services: Immediate, on-site, crisis intervention provided by a clinical team, offering intensive face-to-face, short-term mental health services to help the child return to a stabilized level of functioning. By providing relief of distress, coping mechanisms, and a culturally appropriate assessment and plan, to reduce or eliminate crisis for the child and the family.
  • Mental Health Behavioral Aide Services: Our mental health behavioral aide provides support to the child and the family in the following domains:
    • Support at home
    • Support at school
    • Support in the community
    • Support at work


Target Population

Target population includes children and youth who are in need of therapeutic support and services, including those at-risk of residential placement or with the history of challenged behavior. We work with new immigrant children and their families who are experiencing PTSD and /or other related mental health conditions.


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for services, individuals need to have a current diagnostic assessment and be involved in one of the following systems: mental health; juvenile corrections; child welfare; child protection; or in permanent long-term placement settings (foster care).


Referral Sources

Referrals for services can be made by family members, county social service agencies, case managers, schools, probation officers, physicians or other mental health professionals. To make referrals, contact our intake unit at (651) 222-6567 or our Program Director at the same number.


Payment Options

PIR accepts private pay, county funding and medical assistance.