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  • Comprehensive vocational services 

PIR provides comprehensive vocational services which enables each participant to have a blueprint of their vocational future.

In addition to our Vocational Assessment  Department, Progressive Individual Resources provides academic and special needs assessments.

Culturally specific academic & special needs assessment which includes all cognitive, reading, maths, written language assessments, temperament and individual interest tests.

  • Career Assessment & Job Placement Solutions

Piri ServicesOur system can generate individual plans such as Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs), Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plans or (IWRPs) and Individualized Work Educational Plans or (IWEPs) tailored to your organizations’ unique requirements or personal needs.



  • Small Business 

PIR provides small business development assistance starting with the business plan all the way through obtaining the necessary funding for the project. If self-employment is your goal, PIR is the choice for you!

Examples include; Exhibitor, Concessionaire Franchise Ownership, Barbershops, Corner Deli’s and Grocery Stores, etc.

  • Home Based Business employment options

PIR also specializes in helping our participant locate viable home based business solutions. Our trained staff understands the home based business market.
Home-based business is a $427 Billion a year industry. That’s more than the pharmaceutical industry, food industry and consumer goods industry combined.

  • Supported Employment

/images/webgraphic/service2.jpgPIR is a licensed SES provider and can work with clients throughout the state of MN. Our trained staff will work with you to develop an appropriate vocational plan and outcome. 



  • Community Placement options

For those who are interested in looking for community placement options, PIR offers placement services within your geographic location.

  • Apprenticeship Programs

PIR will work with other community based programs and construction companies to assist you in obtaining appropriate training positions with area contractors. 

  • Personal support services 

Personal Support services are specifically designed to help you overcome any hurdles that are interfering with the successful completion of your vocational plan.


Referral Sources

Referrals for services can be made by family members, county social service agencies, case managers, schools, probation officers, physicians or other mental health professionals. To make referrals, contact our intake unit at (651) 222-6567 or our Program Director at the same number. 


Payment Options

PIR accepts private pay, county funding and medical assistance.