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Psychosocial & Bereavement Support Service for West African Families in Minnesota who are impacted by Ebola Virus Disease


The Ebola crisis in West Africa is one of the most devastating scourges of our time. According to World Health Organization (WHO, 2014) as of October 8,2014, 4,033 people have died from Ebola out of 8,393 registered with most cases recorded in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra-Leone. All these have brutal effects on the victims and their loved ones especially those in diaspora with children, wives and all other members of the extended family living in the affected countries. The African Task Force against Ebola in Collaboration with Progressive Individual Resources, Inc. will be offering psychosocial and Bereavement Support to any West African family.

What is Psychosocial Support?

  • Psychosocial Support addresses the ongoing psychological and social problems of Ebola infected individuals, families and caregivers.
  • Community-based psychosocial support is an important humanitarian response to critical events especially the Ebola Virus Disease.


Who can benefit from our services?

  • Members of the West African communities who are feeling anxious about Ebola Virus disease infection.
  • West African people experiencing distress even though they have received confirmation that they do not have Ebola virus.
  • People who may be stigmatized by their communities, such as people who have recovered from Ebola.
  • Individuals and families who received news from their home country in Africa that their families are affected by Ebola Virus disease.
  • Health care providers treating people who are affected by Ebola Virus disease.
  • Persons in the Diaspora experiencing a resurgence or exacerbation of preexisting conditions
  • Persons in the Diaspora experiencing the impact of stigma due to being from the affected sub-region (in their community, places of employment, schools, etc.)
  • Persons in the community experiencing a profound sense of helplessness and worry about family members and friends in the affected sub-region.

Progressive Individual Resources, Inc. is a culturally responsive community-based Mental Health provider in St. Paul and in Brooklyn Center. Our psychosocial support services will address the four critical components of support that will include the following:

  • Provision of Basic Needs
  • Importance of Physical Needs
  • Social and Psychological Needs
  • Emotional Resilience


Sources of Stress related to Ebola Virus disease

Progressive Individual Resources, Inc. staff/clinicians will address the various stressors and bereavement related to Ebola Virus disease in a non-intrusive manner.

Services Provided

  • Psychosocial First Aid Training to West African Leaders so they can work with individual in their communities. This training will require 4-6 hours commitment.
  • Community awareness and empathy training.
  • Community dialogue to discuss the impact of Ebola on psychosocial well-being
  • Providing Information Education Communication (IEC) materials to the community.
  • Community dialogue to discuss the impact of Ebola on psychosocial well-being
  • Providing Information Education Communication (IEC) materials to the community.
  • Creating partnerships with community and religious leaders to provide services to those identified in the community who may need targeted services such as grief counseling, individual therapy, trauma informed therapy, etc.